Listen online: South Cambridgeshire District Council

South Cambridgeshire District Council aims to make South Cambridgeshire a safe and healthy place where residents are proud to live and where there will be opportunities for employment, enterprise and world-leading innovation.

Some of their staff reflect on loneliness, its effects people’s health, and their projects. Find out more about:

Communication helping combat loneliness:

Tackling social isolation and loneliness:

Cooking is a great way to make friends:

Community lunch clubs are a fantastic way to meet and share a meal:

Repair cafés can be great ways to meet friends:

Use our toolkit, available online, to help combat loneliness:

The Wilbrahams’ activities for local residents:

Youngsters meet in Milton park - meet Wild Minds:

Men find it difficult to share - visit Men’s Sheds:

Histon & Impington have an older persons’ co-ordinator:

Histon & Impington Community Charity’s Minibus service:

Cambourne Time Bank has over 100 members giving or receiving help:

A quick chat on the phone can help: village phone trees in Oakington and Westwick keep people talking:

Find out more about Neighbourhood Watch

Online connections during isolation help - Coton network has an open email group for support:


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